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Why Speedztar?


Speedztar Assurance

We assure you a service warranty of 30 days from the date of service. If any technical issue arises due to our service, we shall reservice your computer at no extra cost to you.

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Computers Repaired

  • Why should you repair/upgrade your existing Laptop/Desktop?
    The big difference between repairing/upgarding an old laptop/desktop and buying a new one is the differnece in cost. A new system will easily set you back a big big amount. Whereas, to upgrade or fix your current system, you just have spend on the focus area of problem or upgrade.
  • Why chose a service from speedztar?
    Speedztar provides you a doorstep computer repair service, which saves you from the hassle of travelling to and fro to a computer store and the constant follow ups with the store. Along with the convenience of a doorstep service, we also provide warranty on our services and products, that ensures you retain your peace of mind.
  • How to make a Payment?
    At speedztar we only charge once the service is completed. The final bill amount is generated only at the end of the service. We accept payment in cash or via online portal.
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