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Change, the only Constant!

Our journey started back in 2013, when we setup our Store in S.G. Palya under the name Sri Satya Sai Computech. We initially started by selling Computer Parts and Accessories and slowly moved on to servicing and repairing Computers as well, along with building a division for Mobiles. The strategic location of our store enabled us to cater to a multitude of audiences comprising of Students, Families and Professionals. 7 years later, we had served over 6000+ Customers and repaired over 2000+ Computers.

The year 2020, represented a very unique brand of problem. The whole world got shut down and we too like many others had to battle the consequences of the Pandemic that had gripped the entire Globe. As people were still apprehensive about stepping out of their homes (and understandably so), even after the lockdown norms were lifted. We began to get a lot of house calls from customers to support them in fixing their Computers at their Residence! These rolling requests from our customers had us thinking, what if we could provide this support of Doorstep Computer Repair to the whole of Bangalore? It would make for a really convenient service for a lot people who could get their Desktops or Laptops fixed at their Doorstep! And let’s admit it… ‘Our Computers are really really important in today’s day and age. Therefore, we understand the need for them to be functioning at the best possible Speed!’

This idea of providing Doorstep Computer Repair Service, led to the birth of Speedztar. Speedztar the name is a reflection of the world of ‘Computers’ & ‘Repair Service’, both in which Speed is an essential component. We want your Computers to be up to Speed and we want to provide you a Speedy Service. The ‘z(s)tar’ is the standard of service that we aim to bring to our Customers through our Organizational attitude, Quality of Service, Pricing while maintaining proper Hygiene!

Therefore, you could say Speed and Reliability are the two foundations of our business, and thus we have chosen our mascot to be the ‘Cheetah’ which symbolizes Speedztar’s Mission!

Through all these years of our work, we experienced and understood the age old saying ‘Change is the only Constant’ and we too shall continue our efforts in making the Speedztar experience even more convenient  and diverse with more offerings, as the days progress by!

We thank you all sincerely for being a part of our journey and hope you will continue to be so in the years to come!






Started in Bangalore




Professionals, Students, & Families




Desktops & Laptops of Various Brands 


Pandemic strike

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When the World Stood Still, we started doing House Calls





Doorstep Computer Repair Service

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